Everyone will have a foot problem at some point in their lives, so knowing when and if you need to see a Podiatrist is crucial. With so many expert treatments available, partnering with a reputable physio South Yarra clinic can help you move better, manage any injury, and enjoy life the way to be lived, fit and injury-free.

If you have a foot injury, whether you play sports or not, and you’re wondering ‘when’ and ‘if’ you need Podiatry,’ it’s critical that you know the answers. What is a Podiatrist, and how can we assist you?

Why Is It Vital to See a Podiatrist When Have a Foot Injury

The Significance of Podiatry

Initiate contact with a local Podiatry Windsor is an area that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of foot, ankle, and lower extremity diseases. A podiatrist is a trained health practitioner who has the knowledge, abilities, and expertise to examine, manage, and treat anyone who has a foot or ankle problem.

The foot is a gigantic structure, with 28 bones, 30 joints, and over 100 muscles, tendons, and ligaments all working together to give support, balance, and motion.

Common foot problems that should be seen by a podiatrist

1. Foot concerns with the skin and toenails.

It can be difficult to manage your foot care at times. Nails thicken, the skin hardens, and feet become more difficult to reach in certain settings, compromising your capacity to control your own feet. A podiatrist is well-equipped to assess and treat foot skin and nail problems.

2. Legs and feet ache.

After a long duration of walking or standing, exhausted feet and legs are common. Poor footwear selections and changes in foot posture, such as high or low foot arches, may be to blame.

3. Bony deformities or changes in foot structure.

Mechanical dysfunction causes a gradual shift in bone alignment, resulting in a projecting bony prominence, which causes changes in the bone structures in the feet. To address the mechanical dysfunction of the foot, a podiatrist can prescribe conservative management. Simple padding in footwear, supportive gadgets, and advice on appropriate footwear are all examples. This can lead to dramatic improvements in foot discomfort and function.

4. Foot difficulties caused by diabetes.

Diabetes can have a variety of effects on the foot. The feet will display the first signs of any diabetes-related issues, particularly those involving circulation, nerve supply, and general lower-limb health. A Podiatrist can undertake many non-invasive vascular and provide self-foot care education as well as continuous nail and skin care as needed.

5. Heel ache.

Heel pain can be caused by plantar fascia inflammation and overload, pain in the fat pad surrounding the heel, or heel spurs. It’s a physical ailment that affects the back or the underside of the heel and makes walking uncomfortable or difficult.

You must take good care of your feet. Foot disorders are one of the most frequent health issues, and it’s simple to take them for granted. Podiatrists can help diagnose and treat a wide range of foot-related issues, so take the first step to walk without pain with physio South Yarra clinic and service that suits you.