If you are an avid traveller to Africa, Egypt probably does not need to be introduced. This North African country has a rich, mysterious and famous history dating back to the Old Testament era of the Christian Bible. Even today, many of these ancient historic buildings remain in Egypt, attracting millions of visitors each year and being the best place for group tours to Egypt. The ancient temples of Abu Simbel are a good example. 

Discover Egypt’s Treasures – Visit Abu Simbel’s Ancient Temples

Temple of Abu Simbel

Background Information The Temple of Abu Simbel, consisting of two sacred temples carved on the hillside, is now Egypt’s second most important ancient man-made tourist attraction after the Great Pyramid. 

The Temple of  Abu Simbel is part of the Nubian Monuments from Egypt and is collectively a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many group tours to Egypt are organized to visit Abu Simbel Temple at least once to appreciate the beauty of Abu Simbel Temple and to learn about its mysterious history. 

Temple Relocation 

The temple was demolished into huge slabs in its original location, and each slab weighed over 3000 kilograms. Then I moved the slab very carefully to the hill to avoid damage. In the new location, the parts were carefully reassembled, taking into account all the factors that were present in the original location, such as the exact dimensions of the building and the location of the sun. 

Outside the temple of Abu Simbel is a small museum where you can step-by-step record the relocation and reconstruction of the two temples. The museum has a lot of other information, including the history of the Temple of Abu Simbel and the ancient kingdoms worshipped there. 

History of the Temple of Abu Simbel 

Four giant statues of Pharaoh Ramses sit in front of the Temple of Abu Simbel. It is a fascinating sight that you will see when you approach the temple. You will feel both dwarf and astonishing at its size. However, one of the central statues was destroyed from head to waist by past earthquakes. At the foot of these giant statues are much smaller statues, probably members of the royal family at the time. 

The temple is still considered sacred by some Egyptians, so don’t be surprised to find a group of people outside the temple praying to the sun. Most individuals who believe in the sacredness of Abu Simbel like to visit the site between February and October when the sun’s rays shine brightly and make the gods’ sculptures “come alive.”

The temples are situated in an isolated location with few people living nearby. The location is mostly desert, so temperatures can reach uncomfortably high levels during the day and then plummet to bone-chilling lows at night.

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