Timber vanities have to be the biggest trend in bathrooms right now. Bathrooms might seem clinical, but the timeless beauty and warmth of wood assist to create a cheerful, welcoming environment.

Because there are so many elements and options to consider, and they play such a vital function in storage, bathroom vanities are one of the more difficult objects to choose when designing a bathroom.

Although a custom timber vanity for your bathroom is ideal, if you’re renovating, you might want to choose a more cost-effective and practical ready-made or semi-custom vanity unit. It can take some time to find exactly what you’re looking for, so here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Things to Know Before Deciding on a Timber Bathroom Vanities

Select a Bathroom Vanity that Reflects Your Personality 

Be aware of your bathroom’s design.

Before you start looking for a bathroom vanity, you should have a good idea of what type and design you want. Do you want a sleek, clean, and minimalist style, or are you looking for something more trendy? Do you want to show off some unique features? How about a display of vividly coloured tapware or pipes? Maybe when it comes to bathrooms, you’re more of a purist. If you’re not sure which style appeals to you, look for inspiration on the internet and visit local bathroom stores.

How much room do you have available?

Take out your measuring tape and determine how much space you have in your bathroom to work with. Take into account the width and depth of your vanity top. You want to be able to easily open and close vanity cupboards and drawers, as well as have enough space to walk around and enjoy your vanity.

Consider your requirements.

The ideal bathroom vanity should be both fashionable and functional. Consider whether the vanity will be used in an ensuite, a family bathroom, or a powder room, as well as who will be utilising the bathroom. Consider how much storage space you’ll require. The amount of storage space you require will have a significant impact on your vanity selection. Choose something that can withstand a little more than normal wear and tear. Make sure to plan your budget before you go too far into the decision-making process. If you’re concerned about expenses, your local walnut dining table specialists can help you figure out what you want and how much it will cost.

Materials and mounting choices.

In small bathrooms, floating (wall-mounted) bathroom vanities, as well as corner-mounted and pedestal vanities, can give the illusion of more space. When it comes to mounting alternatives, it’s a matter of personal preference. Personal preference, demands, and budget will all influence the materials you choose for your bathroom vanity.

Before you fall in love with custom timber vanity, think about how it will look in your bathroom. If your historic vanity clashes with the rest of your bathroom, it’s pointless to bring it home. When it’s time to reveal your new bathroom, know that you’ve done your research and selected the best bathroom vanities for your needs.