As the warm summer draws to a close, now is the ideal time to examine your backyard and reflect on how you have used the area this year. What was successful and unsuccessful, and what do you wish you had there? Consider the Decking. What features or designs do your friends’ yards operate effectively, and how has the addition of a new design or feature altered your perception of an occasion?

Now is the ideal time to begin planning your summer projects for the next season. The optimum time to consider your goals is when the long summer nights are still vivid in your mind. By following this advice, we can assist in turning your deck ideas into reality.

Determine how much space you need

Deciding how much space you need for your Decking is an important step in the design process. The amount of space will depend on many factors, such as whether or not you want to entertain on your deck, if there are young children in the family and how large the deck will be.

  • How many people do you plan on entertaining?
  • Will small children be using it?
  • How much time do you spend outside?



Every yard is unique, every family is unique, and every person has a different idea of how they want to use their deck.

Do you respect sun protection and have fair skin? Perhaps a roof or pergola would allow you to use the deck even in the hottest summer months. Have you got a pool? Then, to facilitate movement between the locations, design a connected space from your deck and pool.

Or perhaps you adore the sound of a fire crackling? In other words, designing an area where you can have a brazier or open fire pit will provide the ideal outdoor winter space.

Decide how you want the deck to connect to the house.

The first step towards building Decking Perth is deciding how your new deck will be connected to the house. The most common type of connection is called a cantilever, where one side of the deck extends beyond the home’s foundation, supported by posts mounted on top of it.

A second option is a floating deck that does not attach to any part of your house. It uses its own supports like legs or beams in order to separate it from nearby structures like foundations and walls.

Finally, decks with integrated staircases are built directly into an existing structure (such as porches).

In order to know what type of connection you want for your new outdoor living space, you will need two pieces of information: how large is my house? And how big do I want my new outdoor living space? This article will show you how to get those answers using software designed specifically to help homeowners plan out their next backyard project!

Choose the right material for your needs.

Choosing the right material for your needs is an important step in deck building. This is an important consideration because not all decking materials are made equal.

For instance, well-maintained hardwood decks that are periodically oiled and sanded look beautiful. They also can be repolished and renewed for a truly sleek appearance.

You could want to install the deck to avoid having to think about it again. A composite deck might be more practical for you in this situation. You may view and touch all of our wood and composite wood alternatives in the showroom, where you can also fall in love with a style and colour.


Before you begin designing your new deck, you’ll need to determine the budget. This can be tricky, as it’s not just about how much money you want to spend on the project. You also need to consider how much money is available for materials and labour—and keep in mind that there will likely be some hidden costs that sneak up on you as well.

It’s important to remember that your budget includes more than just the cost of materials: it also includes labour and maintenance costs over time (after all, what good is a beautiful new deck if it doesn’t last?).

If at all possible, find out who will do the work before quoting them an hourly rate; this way, there won’t be any surprises when it comes time for them to start working on your project and charging accordingly based on their experience level with their craftsmanship skillsets.


We hope this guide has been helpful in getting you started with your decking. There are so many different things to consider when designing a new deck, but we think the most important thing is to make sure you have enough budget for what you want and that the design fits your lifestyle.