Some of us pick any LED light that we might have seen in a TV advertisement. But do you know that there is a wide variety of LED lights? If not you are at the right place.

Today, we will familiarise you with various types of Led Oyster Ceiling Lights.

So let’s read ahead without any delay!

Led Oyster Ceiling Lights

Types of LED light

LED panel light can differ from various perspectives. Such as power consumption, installation, light, etc. By finding the type, you can buy an LED light as per your requirement.

LED Downlights

This type of light is easy to install and consumes minimal energy than regular halogen globes. Moreover, it produces the same amount of light as that of the halogen globe. You can rely on these lights for years. The best part about these LED lights is that they produce light energy (photons) as an electric current passes through it. The photons brighten up a room without hiking power consumption. You can turn on and off these LED lights freely. Besides, there’s no mercury in these lights and doesn’t impact the environment in any mean.

LED Floodlightsled

Floodlights provide a top-quality illumination without consuming much energy. You get a fire-resistant cable and an extended resilience. They are perfect for lighting playgrounds, stadiums, parks etc. These lights are eco-friendly and are widely used for high performance.

Decorative Lights

These lights can add sparkle to any room. Decorative lights are available in abundant size, shapes, & styles. The most common decorative lights comprise sconces, chandeliers, & pendants. You can find a wide range of decoration LED lights for home your interior online. Plus, wall sconces are suitable for small rooms or areas to brighten them a bit.


Generally, there’s predefined shapes and size of Miniature LEDs. That means, they comply with a large range of circuit board. You can even use a huge LED panel to provide a luxury look to any area. Many miniatures LEDs are available in 5V & 12V range. These lights have ready to fit mode because of which they can be directly installed in the circuit boards. Also, they don’t even need heat sinks for support.

So, which one did you like the most? No matter whichever LED light you choose for your home or office or any area, it will give you the required brightness by consuming low electricity.

Led Flood Lights

Final Words…

Apart from brightening lights, you can also go for LED flood lights as well. These lights are highly laminated and can bear any type of weather. These are durable and robust. Therefore, you can rely on them easily. Besides, a sensor is also equipped to the floodlights, which makes them suitable for car park and porch.

All these types of LED lights playas unique role in unique conditions. What are your conditions? Find them and match them with the above information. This will help you to come across the right LED light.

You can even get in touch with the leading online LED light retailer for deep information.

So buy one today!