Every 4WD owner knows that car repair isn’t just inexpensive. In today’s high-tech world, cars are advanced and are equipped with modern safety and infotainment features. These features could get malfunctioned that may lead other parts to cause a problem. This affects the overall performance of your vehicle, fuel-efficiency, and SAFETY. While 4WD vehicles are reliable, but the maintenance or repair cost can’t be ignored. There are five common reasons for what you might have to reach you 4WD mechanic Melbourne.

So let’s find out!

4WD Mechanic Melbourne

  1. Brake Issue

Brakes are a crucial part of your vehicle and need great maintenance. There can be numerous factors behind your brake breakdown, but worn-out brake disk and pad are the major reasons. You may need to replace the rear and front brakes or repairing might make your brakes working. In both cases, you might have to reach into thousands depending upon the type of vehicle you own. Normally, most vehicles have to replace their brakes after every 40,000 miles or above.

  1. Tyre Replacement

This may not be a part of repair but tyre replacement comes under vehicle maintenance. Your set of tyres might last from 2 to 4 years, but after that, it is important to replacement for the sake of safety. The quality tyre set may cost you somewhere in between $400-$600 and for 4WD tyres; you might have to pay more. Damaged rims also come in auto repair problem, which can be an expensive affair.

  1. TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

TPMS is a helpful tool that alerts drivers about tyre pressure by providing accurate data. The general problems include defective sensor if the light comes for no reason. The sensor can cost up to $100 depending on the type of vehicle.

  1. Suspension Component

Like any other part of a vehicle, suspension can be affected by absorbing too many potholes and bumps. Travelling tens of thousands of miles or weakening can be the biggest reason for the defected suspension. Remember that a suspension system doesn’t comprise shocks and struts but includes abundant small parts that can break or wear out. These parts are ends, bushings, bearings, and tie-rods.

  1. Battery Replacement

Most car batteries come with an expiry – 4 to 6 years. After this duration, it’s crucial to replace it. One should pay attention to the battery as it can quit working without any warning sign, unlike other car parts. That’s why you might have heard people suggesting that keeping an eye on battery light or reaching your trusted 4WD mechanic Melbourne to check the battery condition.

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Some other parts need to be repaired such as engine coolant temperature sensor, mass airflow sensor, ignition coils, air conditioning recharges, spark plugs, loose fuel caps, etc.

If you find any of these issues in your car, consult the experts as soon as possible.

You can even consult your Turbo Diesel Mechanic Melbourne to keep your brakes, tyres, battery, suspension, TPMS, and many other parts working.     

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