If you’re a farmer, you know that it’s hard to keep track of your business finances. That’s where farming accounting comes in. In this article, we’ll discuss what farming accounting is and how it can help your business succeed. We’ll also cover why cloud-based accounting is becoming increasingly popular among farmers.

What is farming accounting?

Farming accounting is the process of keeping track of all business income and expenses. It’s a way to monitor your farm’s performance and make better decisions about how to run it. 

It also provides a record of farm operations that can be used for tax purposes, as well as giving you insights into how profitable or unprofitable the business was in any given period.

When you’re starting out, one of the biggest challenges is to get a handle on all the things that go into running a farm. It can be hard to remember everything that needs to be done between now and when you sit down at the computer to enter it all into your accounting software.

How can it help your business?

Accurate record keeping is a must in any business, but it can be an especially important challenge for small farmers.

With all the time you already spend on your farm’s operations, taking the time to keep track of your finances isn’t always easy. However, doing so can help you save time, money and headaches down the line.

farming accounting

The first step to better record keeping is to get organized. Create a spreadsheet or other type of document that lists your income and expenses, along with the date each occurred. 

This will help you track how much money comes in from different sources, such as sales of crops or livestock, as well as how much goes out for bills, supplies and other needs.

Why should a farmer consider using cloud-based accounting?

When it comes to keeping track of your finances, there are a number of options out there. You could use an old-fashioned paper ledger, or you could get a fancy software package for your computer or mobile phone. 

But these solutions can be time-consuming and expensive—and they’re not the only ones available.

Cloud-based accounting is a newer option that offers many benefits over traditional methods:

  • Cloud-based accounting is more secure than paper ledgers because it’s harder for someone else to swipe your data if they steal your device.
  • Cloud-based accounting allows you to access information from anywhere at any time, so no matter where life takes you (or how little internet service there happens to be in certain parts of the world), you’ll always have access to important financial documents.
  • Cloud computing costs less than traditional methods do because there are no capital investments required; instead, all that’s needed is an internet connection and some software subscription fees (which can be paid monthly). This means that even small farms can afford this type of tool without breaking the bank!


We hope we’ve given you a better idea of how farming accounting works and why it’s important. If you’re still unsure about your options, don’t hesitate to contact us or one of our partners. We want to help every farmer succeed in their farming business—and that means making sure they have the right tools at their disposal!