Washing machines are the lifeblood of many Australian households. They make our lives easier and better because they do all the hard work of keeping our clothes clean and fresh. But did you take proper care of your washing machine? If you don’t know how to take care of your washing machine. This blog will help you how to show some love to your washing machine.

Let us look at some essential tips for maintaining a washing machine.

Use The Right Detergent

It is essential to use the right detergent with the Westinghouse Washing Machine.

The type of detergent you select generally depends on the cost and design of the washing machine, so it’s generally a good idea to stick with the detergent that the manufacturer of your washer recommends.

You can find more details about the right detergent in your washing machine’s manual.

Whether you use a regular detergent or machine-specific detergent, it is necessary to know that it shouldn’t be too labour-intensive or alkaline in nature.

Otherwise, it can end up damaging the washing machine’s interior and your clothes.

Westinghouse Washing Machine

Don’t Overload The Washing Machine

The washing machine can wash a number of clothes in one go, depending on its specifications, but when a Westinghouse Washing Machine is overloaded, it begins to shake dangerously.

Your clothes may not be properly cleaned because the drum doesn’t have enough space to accommodate an overload.

When it is overloaded, your washing machine is under a lot of pressure, and this pressure could eventually cause damage to internal components.

Don’t Forget Coins & Other Important Things In Your Pockets

Don’t forget to check your clothes before putting them in the machine. Sometimes, we forget things such as pins, coins, toothpicks, money, receipts, and even smartphones in our pockets.

If you forget receipts, money, and smartphones in your pocket, you will lose a lot. Things like pins, coins, and toothpicks can bounce against the drum and damage its surface.

Forgetting items in your pocket means you’ll eventually have to deal with an unclean pocket.

After Washing, Leave The Washing Machine Door Open

After the washing is finished, leave the door of the washing machine open for 20-30 minutes to allow the drum to dry and the moisture to be removed from the interiors.

Keeping the washing machine’s door open helps prevent the build-up of bacteria and moulds.

Clean The Interiors & Exteriors Of The Washing Machine

Since hard water and detergent can build up on the interiors of the washing machine, it is essential to remove them by cleaning the interiors, such as the rubber gaskets, drum, and dispensers.

The drum can be cleaned by using white vinegar, a mix of baking soda, and warm water.

In addition, it’s crucial to keep the washing machine’s exterior clean. Stains may develop on the washing machine due to detergent and water remnants.

You should clean the washing machine’s exteriors by using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner so that there are no scratches left on the body.


These crucial and simple Westinghouse washing machine maintenance tips will ensure that your washing machine operates effectively and reliably for many years.

That implies that you save money by skipping expensive repairs.