Vegetable or flower gardens in the spring and summer are a great addition to your home. But unfortunately, they can also attract unwanted pests that eat vegetables or flowers. So, what can you do to keep those pests away? Garden bark christchurch can be an easy solution to this problem. Here are five reasons why bark chips make for a good garden barrier:

1. Regulate soil temperature

Garden bark is a great insulator. This means that it helps regulate the soil temperature, which can benefit you and your plants. The more stable the soil temperatures are, the better your vegetables will grow—and vice versa. Garden bark also works as an insulator because of its thermal mass: it absorbs heat during warm periods. It releases it during cold periods, allowing for more even temperatures over time (source).

garden bark christchurch

2. Minimise evaporation

The second benefit to using garden bark christchurch is that it helps to reduce soil evaporation. This is especially important if you live in a region where the summers are hot and dry. The best way for a plant to get water is through its roots, but if there isn’t enough moisture in the soil, it can’t take up as much. Soil evaporation occurs when air currents blow across bare soil, pulling water molecules out of it and leaving behind more dry air than before. When you use bark mulch on your garden bed or flowerbeds, you’ll find that they retain more moisture than they would otherwise—and thus make it easier for plants’ root systems to absorb what they need right out of their beds!”

3. Retains moisture and improves water retention

Bark mulch is a great way to retain moisture in the soil, which helps plants stay healthy and grow all year round. It also improves water retention by adding organic matter to your garden beds, which helps with soil structure, aeration and drainage!

4. Garden bark looks great

You can also add some natural beauty to your garden with the help of garden bark. With so many different colours and textures to choose from, you’ll find it easy to find something that matches your home’s exterior design.

If you’re looking for a more modern look, consider installing a light-grey or dark-brown garden bark around the base of trees or along walkways. These colours will give your garden an earthy vibe without removing its overall design. If you prefer something more colourful, go with red or yellow! These hues will give your entire yard an energetic feel that’s perfect for springtime gardens because they symbolise renewal (which makes sense given how long winter lasted).

5. Restrict weed growth

Garden bark can also help control weed growth. It is a physical barrier to weeds, preventing them from germinating. The bark may also contain chemicals that inhibit the growth of certain plants, such as grasses and broadleaf varieties. However, gardeners should consider that garden bark is not a herbicide or fertiliser and should not be used.


So, there you have it! Five main benefits of applying garden bark christchurch in your vegetable or flower gardens. We hope that by using these as a guide, you’ll be able to maximise your garden space and reap the rewards of healthy plants and flowers. And if you do decide to install bark chippings in your garden this summer, make sure that you take lots of pictures! They’ll look great in an album or on social media.