Timber floor sanding isn’t just about the finish; it’s also about the smoothness of the timber floorboards under foot and the feel of each timber plank as you walk across your timber floor sanding project. Experts will sand down all the timber floorboards by hand to ensure that they are not just smooth, but they are also dust-free at the same time! Timber floor sanding can be an expensive process, but if you choose to use the Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne service, you won’t have to worry about ongoing maintenance or cleaning costs!

When you’re looking to have timber floors polished and looking their best, there are a number of different options you can consider. From hiring professional floor sanders to doing it yourself or even renting an electric sander, many choices are available. Dust-free floor sanding seems like an obvious choice, but how do you know if it’s right for your home? Let’s explore some of the facts.

  • Things to consider

Consider that dust-free floor sanding may be your best choice to stay on top of timber floor polishing. Here are some reasons why it’s advantageous: no dust buildup, easier cleanup and protection from wear and tear over time. Here’s how it works: use an open-weave wood sanding pad, run your buffer over it with a neutral floor stripper and you’re good to go! The next step is buffering out your freshly stripped and smoothed timber floors.

man polishing the timber floor

This is where things get really fun – take your orbital sander (or vibrating sander) and set it to its highest speed setting. Then just move back and forth over each section of floor in overlapping passes until all visible marks have been removed. You can do both sides at once if you like, but make sure not to overlap too much or else you’ll create new marks where they don’t exist!

What are you dealing with

All timber floor sanding projects, regardless of size or scope, require multiple and important steps. Dust removal or dust-free floor sanding is an essential part of timber floor polishing, whether it be for a commercial building or a home improvement project. No one likes having their floors look dusty and dirty after polishing so before any serious work begins, you will need to prepare your floors and ensure that they are as clean as possible. This is where professional Timber Floor Polishing Melbourne service comes in handy. know some important steps related to timber floor sanding. They have years of experience in providing high-quality timber floor cleaning services.

Why is dust-free floor sanding best?

Floor sanding produces large amounts of dust particles that have to be cleaned up using water, creating more work and expense for you. Dust-free floor sanding means your floor gets polished faster with less hassle. You’ll get a beautiful finish on all timber floors, particularly floors in highly-trafficked areas like offices and warehouses. So don’t just think about which floor polisher is best – ask yourself which method will give you the best results!