High advancement in science and technologies in recent times has made the lives of people easier. Wood floor restoration no more remains a herculean task today. Carrying out of sanding and polishing by expert hands will help a lot in coming up with a highly versatile and sophisticated covering for your floor that is durable.

What Signifies a True Professional Among the Crowd?

If you are planning to restore the existing floor of your house, then better shake hands with an expert company that is well-informed about timber floor sanding and polishing in Melbourne. As the process of restoring changes from one house to another, a tailored approach is the one that signifies a true professional.

Important Steps to Carry Prior Sanding of Timber Floor

Prior to carrying out with the process of timber floor sanding, it will be better to follow some important steps. They will be of great help in achieving the desired look of restored floor easily. Those steps include the following:

Floor Sanding

  • The area must be clean and clear – If you are residing in Geelong that is close to Melbourne and planning to hire services of floor sanding in Geelong, then firstly it must be ensured that the place is free from all your belongings including furniture. Also, heavy items like cupboards must be shifted to another location.

It will let the professional carry on with the job in an appropriate manner. All your fixtures and fittings will remain in a protected state.

Protruding nails must be hammered carefully. It will prevent occurring of any type of damage to the machinery used for sanding and polishing the floor.

  • Filling up of any holes – Filling up of holes with the help of latex wooden filler is another important step that must be carried prior sanding. It will help in settling of the sanding and polish of the floor easily.

If the holes and cracks are deep, then better follow the advice of professionals. They must be taken utmost care.

  • Starting the job from the edge – Sanding the entire floor is a time-consuming task. For better outcomes, it is advisable to request the team of floor sanding professionals in Geelong to start their job from the corner.

The professional you hire must make proper usage of an edger. This particular machinery has the reputation of utilizing side-to-side motion and sanding every corner of the room. The process of sanding must be repeated with sandpaper having a fine grit.

There are numerous variations available in terms of sanding and polishing floors. If you are unable to halt to the best choice, better take advice from your professional team. They will be able to guide you to go with the most suitable option.

Once done with floor sanding and polishing, space must be left for at least twenty four hours to dry. Afterwards, it will be safe to re-install furniture and other belongings to the original place.


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