Are you thinking of buying an AED? Not sure if you need to replace your existing Heartsine 500p? If you’re considering buying an AED, or want to know if you need to replace your old AED, you may be wondering which AED is best for you. Please relax. This article was created to relieve the stress of purchasing an AED and provide real-world insights to help you make informed decisions about purchasing the right AED. 

  •  Let’s start  with a little background 

Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) allow both first responders and the general public to safely resuscitate victims of sudden cardiac arrest and live without complex medical training helped to save. AEDs work by generating a small charge that can reset the patient’s heart to the correct rhythm. 

Easy-to-use portable defibrillators are only  decades old, but AEDs nowadays plays a crucial role in saving lives that they are estimated to increase  survival from cardiac arrest by as much as 70%. Despite these statistics, AEDs are not sufficient in many parts of the United States. Experts estimate that raising the AED to optimal levels can save the lives of more than 40,000 Americans each year. This is one of the reasons why it is important for more people to learn and access this life-saving device.


Things to keep in mind when buying an AED 

Now that you understand the role of an AED, let’s look at three important factors to consider when buying an AED. 

  •  Cost 

One of the biggest mistakes when buying a Prepaid V Lifetime AED is for the buyer to consider the cost of purchasing the device. However, not all AEDs are equal. When considering the purchase of a new or replacement AED, it is important to consider the “lifetime cost of ownership”. Most people have been using AEDs for more than 10 years. During this time, the batteries and electrodes need to be replaced several times. However, different manufacturers have different battery and pad lifespans. It may look like a cheap AED solution in advance, as some devices may need to replace the battery and electrodes more often, but it’s actually more expensive throughout the life of the AED. I understand. 

  •  High Quality Compression Feedback 

 Another important factor in choosing an AED is high quality compression feedback, as you don’t always remember what you learned in Course 

. Even if you learned CPR in class, this live feedback can be very helpful during SCA. After all, with a little extra guidance, you can reduce the stress of the situation a bit. 

  •  Synchronized Expiration  

 Prevents electrodes from expiring while the battery is still in good condition. Some AEDs have different electrode and battery life. The problem here is that the pads need to be replaced while the battery is still good.

Wrapping-up:  Hope you found the above blogs useful for your Heartsine 360p purchase. Consider the above points to make your purchase worthy. The medical instrument is not the thing to be compromised as it can affect the health and may lead to life-threatening problems.