The word property manage can induce different notions when you are not aware of the exact meaning of the Property Management Airport West.

What Is Property Management?

It is the supervision and maintenance of the residential, commercial or industrial property in a variety of aspects. Property Management Ascot Vale is mostly done by the third-party contractor of your choosing.

It offers an extensive range of benefits related to different types of property. Let us talk about the investment property, specifically the rental properties.

Landlords are worried about one of the aspects related to their rental property, and that is a vacant rental property for a time longer than expected. To address this issue, they either have to improve tenant retention (the preferable option) or find the new tenant within a really short span.

Finding a new tenant comes with great challenges instead; improving the retention would keep the rental property engaged as well as allow the landlord and tenant to build a good long-term relationship.

Here are some of the proven ways to improve the tenant retention

  • Communication Is The Key

Transparency has a good impact no matter what the relation is, including landlord-tenant. Being responsive, keeping the tenants well aware of every process, having honest conversations, and so on would help build up healthy communication among you. This would also create a positive attitude of the tenant towards the landlords, which is not found in most cases due to the communication gap.


  • Prioritise The Maintenance Of The Property

Keeping the property in good space would surely impress the tenant and would improve the retention rate to a great extent. Make sure that you create a prompt regular schedule for the services like services and maintenance, pet inspection, replacements and repairs, and more. You can also assure to address the issues in the property within a certain time frame like 48 hours to provide the tenant the peace of mind and clarity of why they should continue staying at your property.

  • A Good Renewal Incentive Is A Worthy Investment.

One of the most effective ways that provide the tenant with the much-needed reason for their decision of renewal is celebrating the renewal. You can up your incentive game by exploring the good options like gift cards, discounts, one month rent-free and more.  

  • Offer The Best Rent Devoid Of What Is In The Market.

Well, this is quite a no brainer that the tenant prefers to stay at the property, whose rate is comparatively lower given the facilities and space of the property. This would make the property a better alternative at the time of renewal of the contract.

  • A Good Relationship Always Works In Favour.

Landlords and tenants often are portrayed to not have a good relationship, but it is never too late to break the norms. Having a good relationship with your tenant would have a considerable amount of impact on retention.

Last but not least, you do not have to do it all alone; the Property Management Ascot Vale company would provide you with a property manager to assist you in improving retention.