Getting locked is no longer surprising, we all might have got locked somewhere inside the lift, bathroom, bedroom, and many places. Locking happens unexpectedly without any signs and it can be a very irritating situation if you got to reach somewhere for important work and you find yourself stuck in any place. During this confusing situation, many people get panicked and stay blank rather than trying experiments to open the lock. The majority of people call Locksmith immediately without trying to open the lock. The fact is that not all lock needs a locksmith to open that sometimes, it just needs some patience and smart trick to open any lock.

Patience and willpower can help you to come out of struggling situations. Here are some interesting hacks that can help you when you get locked anywhere:

  • Bobby pin

Most of the women have bobby pins and safety pins with them as regular items. You can apply the same method using a paper clip or any other safety pin if you don’t have a bobby pin available. The first thing you need to do is remove plastic coatings from both the end of the bobby pin for creating pointed ends. The next thing is to pull both the ends of the bobby pin slightly apart from each other. Now, insert the bobby pin inside the lock with pressure. Press the bobby pin inside and jiggle until you hear the click sound. After that move, the pin towards the unlocking direction and yes your door should have opened now.

  • Credit card

Opening a lock using a credit card or gift card is the easiest method you can use to open the lock by using some basic effort. This credit card method is only useful for spring locks. Always use an extra card that you don’t mind if it gets destroyed.  You have to slide the card in between the door frame and forcefully bend it towards the lock to open the door.


How to deal when got locked inside the bedroom?

If you get locked in a bedroom, you can use a butter knife or screwdriver to open it.

  • Butter knife:

Different types of locks require different opening methods. You might be surprised that the knife which you used to apply butter on the bread can be used to open the locked door. This knife method only works when there is no deadbolt in the lock. Here our goal is to push back the latch so, it can be simply done by pressing the knife inside the keyhole with the pressure and your door should open.

  • Screwdriver:

As the screwdriver has a key-like shape, it can be a good tool to open the locked door. Take a flat-head screwdriver to slide inside the keyhole then perform turn and twist until the door gets open.

Final note:

Always remember, however, panicked you may be, just try to be calm in the situation whenever you get locked anywhere. Opening any lock with regular items requires no further experience.  It’s always a good idea to try by yourself before calling a locksmith. At last, you have to search Locksmith near me if all possible try gets failed.