Have you ever got confused between choosing a patio and deck? You are not alone; many people can’t decide which one is the best for them.

The professional Patio Perth describes each aspect of patio and a deck.

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What to know about decks and patios?

A patio is a paved space located on the ground that can either be attached or detached from your home.

A deck is an open outside platform or porch without a roof, which extends from the home.

Patios are normally inexpensive, but you get a greater ROI on a new deck. However, both offer an amazing outdoor experience depending on your location.

We will discuss some pros and cons of a deck right below:

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Pros Cons
Higher ROI

There are chances of 76% return on investment on average for a wooden deck


Extra maintenance

Decks need to be stained, power washed, and sealed almost every year (depending on the material).


Works perfectly on uneven terrain

No matter which type of land do you have, decks can easily be installed.


Short lifespan

Weather affects wood and hence has less life. You may face issues such as discolouration, mould, or swollen surface.


Better View

As decks can be built on any type of land, it provides a better view and increases home’s value.


Possible permit

In many cities, you need to get a permit for getting a deck and wait for a specific period for it to get accepted.


Easy to Customise

You can paint or stain or it any shape you wants. You can customise the deck as per your exterior.



Of course, decks are expensive as it takes a lot of money to customise and maintain it. However the cost may vary from one retailer to another, but its normal cost is $30 per square foot.



They protect you from hot sun rays in every season. The wooden material absorbs the heat and makes you feel less hot.


Weight limits

There is a weight limit that one should follow. It’s crucial to consider the weight limit especially when you are having a hot tub or kitchen on it.


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Before you go for a Patio Installer Perth, check these pros and cons first.

Patio Pros and cons:

Pros Cons

Patios are inexpensive to install Installing. It hardly costs $5 a square foot and uses concrete material.



Not suitable for uneven terrain

Patios are suitable for even ground. If you want to install it anyway, it may cost a lot to even the foundation.


Easy maintenance

You don’t have to bother much about patio maintenance. You just need to choose a seal type and you are all ready to have a durable patio.


Can get cracks

There are chances of getting cracks if the soil under concrete isn’t properly prepared. If you are situated at a location where it’s hot, your patio is prone to get cracked.


More privacy

Patios are lower to the ground and have more flexibility in design and landscaping to provide privacy.


Slipping risk

In colder areas, ice can easily form on a patio’s surface and raise the risk of falling.



So which one did you like the most? Whether you choose the patio or deck, they both will enhance your property. So get in touch with the reliable patio and Deck Builders Perth right now!