Google has released a new tool that lets business owners measure their offline conversions. The new device is called Google Now, and it’s available as a part of the Google AdWords interface. This is a huge step forward for Google, as it now allows business owners to track the effectiveness of their online marketing and SEO Sydney campaigns in terms of real-world sales.

An Overview of Enhanced Conversions:

Google has finally released a tool that allows businesses to measure their offline conversions. Previously, companies could only measure online conversions (clicks on ads or website visits). The new enhanced conversions tool can also calculate how many people visit their physical store after seeing an ad or clicking on a website link. This is a huge step forward for companies, as it gives them a complete picture of their marketing efforts.

You need to take a few steps to use the new tool. First, you need to instal the Google Analytics tracking code on your website. Once you have done that, you need to link your Google Ads account with your Google Analytics account.

How Enhanced Conversions for Leads work?

Google has now introduced a way for businesses to measure their offline conversions. This is done with the help of a tracking script that Google will instal on your website. Once the script is in place, you can use the Enhanced Conversions for Leads feature in Google AdWords to see how your online ads impact your offline business. This works because AdWords will show you the number of leads generated by your ads and then compare that to the number of leads you generated without any advertising. You’ll see how much each ad campaign costs and how profitable each campaign is. If you place an advertisement in a magazine, you can’t track whether or not people who saw the ad then visited your website. But now, with Enhanced Conversions for Leads, you can see how many conversions resulted from people who saw your ad in that magazine- and how much revenue those conversions generated.

2 Ways to Set Up Enhanced Conversion for Leads:

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Google now offers a way for businesses to measure their offline conversions. This is through their enhanced conversion tracking. If you’re looking to improve your SEO Sydney, tracking your offline conversions is a great start! There are two ways for this:

(1) syncing your AdWords and Google Analytics accounts

(2) using the Google Tag Manager.

Whichever way you choose, setting up enhanced conversion tracking is pretty simple. After you’ve set everything up, you’ll see how many offline conversions there were and the worth of those conversions in terms of money or leads. This information is crucial for businesses that rely heavily on offline sales.

Why Should You Utilise Enhanced Conversions for Leads?

There are plenty of reasons you should use Google’s Enhanced Conversions feature for your business. Perhaps the most compelling one is that it can help you track leads through other channels, such as phone or in-store sales. Using this data, you can better assess the efficacy of your marketing campaigns and determine which channels are producing the best results. Another great benefit is that Enhanced Conversions is integrated with Google’s popular SEO tool. This means you can get an accurate picture of your website’s performance without wasting time compiling data from multiple sources.

Why Measure Offline Conversions?

Offline conversions are a valuable metric for businesses to measure, as they indicate how many customers are buying products or services after first encountering the company’s marketing material offline. Without online data, companies have to estimate how many conversions are coming from offline sources. Google Now has made this easier for businesses by providing a way to measure these conversions by tracking people who have searched for the company’s products or services online and then made a purchase offline. This information can help businesses fine-tune their marketing efforts and see which campaigns effectively drive offline sales.


Offline conversions are an essential metric to track, as they can provide insights into how well your SEO Sydney campaigns are resonating with consumers. Using Google’s enhanced conversion for leads function, you can easily track and measure offline conversions, allowing you to assess your marketing efforts and make any changes.