The majority of people take roof overhead for granted and don’t think about roof maintenance until it starts causing the problem. The roof acts as a protective shield against various weather conditions such as storms, rain, summer, and snow. But the roof also needs proper maintenance and care to prevent further house damage. Most roofs are more likely to leak during the monsoon season because of heavy moisture and humidity. Though it’s not necessary that only weather conditions cause roof leaks and damage, there are also many construction factors that may lead to roof leakage so, it’s always better to consult Roof Repairs Adelaide, to get the roof safely fixed with an assured guarantee.

Leaking can affect the house structure in many ways:

Interior damage:

A leaking roof can cause interior damage and spoil the overall look of the house. It looks very dirty when one corner of the wall is darker and moist with leakage. Whatever the size of the leakage is whether it is small or big, it’s always going to dull the appearance of the house.

 Leaking Roof Repairs Adelaide

Structural damage:

Leakage affects the entire structure of the house and deteriorates the value of the house. It dulls the sparkle of framing, colour contrast, and everything.

Electric shock and fire hazard.

Leakage should not be ignored as it can cause severe accidents in the home. Roof leaking can lead to a short circuit of electrical appliances if it gets in touch with the electrical component. It could also lead to fire and heavy electrical blasts if not taken proper care of. So, it’s advised to get roof leakage repaired as soon as possible because paying for repair cost is better than paying for heavy structural expense.

Mould and algae growth:

When water builds upon the roof surface for many days, it leads to mould infestation. Because of constant moisture, it leads to the formation of green colour algae on walls and ceiling areas. Nothing is worse than the mould growth on the roof area. It degrades your impression when someone visits your house. Mould formation also occurs if the roof repair is not done properly using standard techniques.

Higher water bills:

The majority of people don’t have an idea how drip by drip water can increase water bills. Not only water bills, but constant roof leakage can degrade the performance of AC that results in fluctuations in loss of cool and hot air hence it will be causing more energy consumption.

How much does roof leakage repair cost?

Although it completely depends upon the size of the house and the size of the damage. Many professional home building companies also include roof and leakage repairs in insurance to cover the basic roofing cost. The average roof costs range from $400 to $1000. The minimum cost is $150 if the roof damage is mild. The maximum cost is $ 8000 in case the roof damage and leakage needs complete restoration and repair with special treatment.


If you have leakage at your rooftop or anywhere in the home, get an appointment from the best Leaking Roof Repairs Adelaide Company today for the house safety and prevent the house from multiple damages.