Synthetic Grass Melbourne is an artificial turf that looks like the real thing. It can be used in gardens, yards, or anywhere you would normally use grass. The major benefits of synthetic grass over real grass include no mowing required, weather resistance, and no mud tracks when it rains.

No mowing needed

That’s right, no need to mow your lawn anymore! Synthetic Grass Melbourne requires no maintenance and no watering. It can handle heavy traffic and high-traffic areas with ease. It’s also perfect for pets who love rolling around on the grass, as there is none of the hassles that come with having a real lawn. In fact, you don’t even have to worry about watering or fertilising your new synthetic grass!

No weeds or pests either!

You won’t have to deal with pesky weeds or mosquitoes in your yard anymore once you use Synthetic Grass Installation Melbourne because it doesn’t require any weed control products or pesticides at all! You’ll also never again have trouble sleeping because someone forgot their shoes inside by accident (or on purpose) when they came over last night while you were sleeping on the sofa next door…

Weather resistance

Synthetic grass is made from polyethylene, a strong, durable material that does not fade in sunlight. Polyethylene also has UV resistance and will not mould or mildew. This means that it can withstand extreme weather conditions such as extreme heat, bitter cold and even frost. Synthetic grass is also resistant to severe weather conditions, including water, hail and heavy rain storms. In addition to its durability properties, synthetic grass maintains its original colour throughout the year without fading or washing out like natural turf will do when exposed to sun exposure over time (even if you use sunscreen).

Helps eliminate mud tracks and dead spots in your lawn

  • No mud tracks:

One of the most annoying things about having a real grass lawn is that it always leaves a muddy trail after you walk through it. When you have kids or pets, this can be even worse as they love to play in the mud and leave behind muddy footprints everywhere. With synthetic grass, you don’t have to worry about muddy trails because it doesn’t absorb any moisture whatsoever! This means that no matter how much rain or snow falls on your lawn, there will be no puddles left behind.

  • No dead spots:

When we install artificial turf for our clients’ home front yards, one thing we often hear them complain about is their old natural turf was turning into a patchy mess with large bare areas between clumps where weeds had grown over time – especially if they never tended to those areas regularly like they should have done. With synthetic grass, however not only do outbreaks of weeds become less frequent due to its anti-bacterial properties but also because these areas are easily mowed off when needed (see next point).

It is always ready to use

With Synthetic Grass Melbourne, you never have to wait for it to grow. When you install your synthetic lawn, it will be ready to use immediately. You don’t need to worry about the weather or whether or not there has been enough rain recently. It also doesn’t matter if there is a drought or too much rain; your grass will remain lush and green regardless of what Mother Nature throws at it. And what about dry weather? No problem! Synthetic grass requires no watering or fertilization because it is made from polyethylene blades that retain water naturally, which means that even during hot summer months when real grass is prone to drying out, your artificial turf will look great with no extra effort from you whatsoever! Because there are no weeds on synthetic turf either (more on this later), this means that mowing can actually become a chore rather than an annoyance as well as something that only needs doing once every few weeks depending on how much upkeep you want for your yard space!

Doesn’t get muddy when it rains

If you have a lawn and it rains, you know that the grass will get muddy. This is because real grass has pores that absorb water. The water sits in the pore until it can be absorbed by the blades of grass, which then causes them to bend over and squish together into clumps of mud. With synthetic grass there are no pores so when it rains or snows all of that water just rolls right off!

Get a perfect-looking yard with no upkeep needed.

Get a perfect-looking yard with no upkeep needed. No more mowing, fertilizing, watering, weeding and trimming! You can also enjoy your lawn year-round. The grass will always look freshly cut and green, even in the winter months when natural grasses turn brown or yellow. There’s no need for expensive irrigation systems with synthetic turf because it doesn’t require any additional water beyond what you already use in your home. When you install artificial grass you won’t have to worry about replacing it every few years like you would real lawns that die out after five to seven years of growth (depending on the type). Artificial turf products come with warranties ranging from 15 to 20 years depending on quality of installation – so it really pays off over time!


The benefits of installing synthetic grass are many. Not only does it look great and is easy to maintain, but it can also save you money in the long run by eliminating the need to pay someone else to mow your lawn. If you’re looking for a way to save time and money while still enjoying a beautiful yard, then synthetic grass is definitely worth considering!