The world is changing every day and so is SEO. There are many SEO trends with which you should pace your organization. If you have hired an SEO Company in Dubai, it’s crucial to take a look at these trends and stay ahead of the competition.


So read ahead!

  • Zero-Click Search

Did you know almost 50% of the Google searches are “zero-click” searches thanks to snippets, knowledge graphs, and other SERP features?

By zero-click we mean – a user query is answered on SERP without them clicking anywhere.

What to do?

Don’t get a panic attack! Consider the types of searches these are those people who are looking for an answer to an easy and quick answer or the one who is looking for your contact details.

Discover the keywords which can bring you clicks. Use Rank Tracker along with your Google search console account and you will analyse what keywords are bringing you the clicks. This way, you can save your time and efforts for optimizing queries with keywords like how many, when what year, etc.

  • Optimize Rich & Featured Snippets

In the world where zero-click searches are so important, even the single information of SERP is valuable more than ever. Therefore, getting rich or featured snippet is the only way to stand out in the crowd.

The featured snippet is an entire information block that is shown on the top of SERP, which brings a huge rise in CTR. However, getting one could be a bit tricky.

Rich Snippets are the titles, product prices, descriptions, images, review stars, etc. These are easier to get as compared to the featured snippet but bring low CTR improvements. Even if your position in SERP is the same, your actions will be noticeable.

What to do?

Get both types of snippets to get your data structured. But, don’t forget to check if your website’s data is already structured.

Use the rank tracker to seek opportunities for a featured snippet. Don just focus on the keywords you are ranking for; instead, search the keywords for which your competitors are already having featured snippets.

  • Prioritize Brand Building

The brand is everything, but relying on organic social is not a smart move. Paid advertising and promotions are trending everywhere. Consequently, paid advertising is the priority of every SEO Company in Dubai and a bit expensive for those who have a low budget to grow in the marketplace. On contrary, linkless mentions are trending as well. Google and Bing have confirmed that these are used as ranking signs. Therefore, focus on brand building and invest where you should ensure your brand beat the competitors.

What to do?

Pay attention to building quality link profiles. Utilise social media listening for say, mention not just your brand but all the services you provide.

This will amplify the engagement with your clientele directly and you will build stronger brand awareness through public customer care.

  • Machines are Best friends

For years Google has been using a learning algorithm to enhance the user experience by avoiding keyword-stuffed WebPages.

Now, BERT is everything. Google now uses three mechanisms:

Neural Matching – it figures out the query meaning

RankBrain – it adjusts the collected data about user’s behaviour in SERP

BERT – It’s an algorithm used for search structure analysing for understanding the keyword context.


What to do?

There isn’t much to do about those algorithms. The three algorithms are Google’s inner kitchen and BERT need good content.

Ask your experts of SEO Dubai implement these trends and let your organization thrive.