If you’ve noticed that your house drains are taking a long time to empty and that water is backing up into your home toilets, then there’s likely a blockage in your sewer line. This can be caused by tree roots or other debris, which can build up over time and eventually cause problems with drainage pipes. It might be time to call Plumber Croydon immediately.

Tree roots

If you’ve got a tree on your property, you might be wondering if it’s possible for its roots to grow into your sewer line. The answer is yes—and it happens more often than you think.
Root intrusion is the most common cause of sewer line blockages (upwards of 50% to 70%). Tree roots can enter the line through cracks in the pipe, or by growing right through it.

When these roots expand and enlarge the opening over time, they can completely block up your plumbing system.

Roots are especially problematic because they’re flexible enough to wiggle their way into almost any sized pipe, which means even small root intrusions have the potential to become huge problems down the road.

If left untreated, tree root intrusion can lead to blockages and collapse of your entire underground sewer system.

A collapsed drainpipe is expensive: repairs cost thousands and thousands of dollars! Don’t risk this happening on your watch—call a professional Plumber Croydon immediately if you suspect that tree roots may be causing problems with your drains or pipes.

Plumber Croydon

The toilets in your home

The toilet is the most common cause of sewer blockages in homes. When you flush the toilet, any number of things can go down it that shouldn’t:

  • Sanitary products
  • Tissues and cotton buds
  • Food waste

Your garbage disposal

You may have a blocked sewer line, but before you call a plumber, there are some things you can check first. The most common causes of blockages are clogged pipes and garbage disposals.

  • Make sure to keep all food waste away from the drain by storing it in the trash or compost bin.
  • If you have a garbage disposal, make sure that it’s not clogged with food waste. You can unclog your garbage disposal by pouring baking soda down the drain followed by hot water (not boiling), then turning on the disposal for 30 seconds as soon as possible after pouring in baking soda/hot water mixture to flush out any remaining debris.

Damaged sewer line

If you suspect your sewer line has been damaged, it’s important to have it inspected by a professional Plumber Croydon. This is because even small cracks in your pipes can lead to serious issues further down the line. If you’re not sure how to check for damage or what kind of repair methods are used, here are some tips:

  • Check for cracks in the walls of your home. These may indicate that there’s an issue with one or more of your pipes, especially if they were installed prior to 1950.
  • It’s also possible that something has fallen into your drain pipe that could be causing this problem—like a toy belonging to a child who became curious as to where exactly everything goes when flushed down the toilet (no judgment).

If you suspect your sewer line is blocked, you must call a professional Plumber Croydon. They will be able to determine the cause and recommend the best course of action for repair or replacement.