You are definitely lucky if your residential building has a swimming pool. But at the same time, it is your duty to keep the swimming pool clean and maintained. There are many homeowners out there who believe that it is a pretty simple and straight forward task. We have seen people just skimming a net across the pool and cleaning it up and after that, they add some chemicals into the water and their job is done. The thing is there is a little bit more to it.

Here are some of the tips for pool cleaning Adelaide

Pool cleaning Adelaide

  • Clean the water – The quality of water is the main and the most crucial element of a swimming pool. After cleaning the leaves and the debris from the surface of the water, it is essential to scrub the sidewalls of the swimming pool to avoid the formation of algae which would harm the quality of water. If you have a busy schedule then you can contact pool maintenance Adelaide to do the job for you.
  • Clean the filtration system – It’s absolutely necessary to keep the filtration system of the swimming pool clean as it filters all the impurities and waste materials like leaves and dirt from the water. To clean the filter you have to turn it off, remove the cap and lift the basket. It is recommended that you should clean the filtration system of your swimming pool once a month. The professional pool cleaning Adelaide service can do this job perfectly.
  • Eliminate oils – There are many people who uses the swimming pool and because of that there is an accumulation of oil in the water. The oil comes from the body of those people who uses the swimming pool. You can clean those oils from water using a tennis ball. There are fibres present in tennis balls which helps to absorb the oil from the water which makes the water totally oil-free.
  • Understanding the chemical level – Chemicals are used in swimming pool to maintain the quality of the water and to keep it clean. But the level of chemicals used in the swimming pool should be properly maintained. If the level of the chemical is high on the pool then it might cause skin and eye irritation. A high level of chemicals in water makes the pool extremely unhealthy.


Pool maintenance is a crucial part of every swimming pool. If the pool is not properly maintained then it would be very unhygienic for people to use it. You must clean your swimming at least once every month. If you want a professional pool cleaning service then you must get in touch with pool maintenance Adelaide service. Let the swimming pool professionals and technicians do the job for you and keep your swimming pool clean and tidy.