From antioxidants to anti-aging effects, goji berries are a powerful superfood that has been on the rise in recent years. But is there really any difference between goji berries and regular ol’ strawberries? Here, we break down the differences between these two delicious fruits and show you what to look for when eating them.

As with any fruit, size can be deceiving; though at first glance both these berries seem similar in size, goji berries are actually several times larger than strawberries. Goji berries are about as large as a grape, while strawberries are only about the size of one. In addition to their size, goji berries also have a much more robust colorful appearance than strawberries. Goji berries in particular are valued for their vibrant red color and will often show up in concentrated hues. Goji berries are often considered to be a very nutritious fruit, with some people claiming it’s even more nutritious than blueberries because of their high concentration of antioxidants.

goji berries

What are goji berries and how can they benefit you?

Goji berries are small, red, and blackberries that come from an evergreen species of trees. They are actually native to China, Tibet, Mongolia, and Russia. These trees grow primarily in mountainous regions with rocky terrain. Goji berries are known as the “superfruit” because they contain many nutrients like vitamins A and C, iron, beta carotene, zinc, and calcium. Goji berries help prevent heart disease and cancer by reducing inflammation in the body.

Which benefits do goji berries provide?

Goji berries are one of the newest health foods to hit the market with many benefits. They are packed with antioxidants and some studies suggest that they can protect against heart disease, cancer, and depression. The fruit is high in vitamin A and C which helps maintain healthy skin and eyes. The berries also contain melatonin which provides deep sleep and protects the brain from Alzheimer’s disease.

What does it mean to healthy food?

For a food to be considered a healthy food, it must have certain qualities. It must be low in calories and fat but high in nutrients, it must be versatile, and it must leave you feeling satisfied. Although goji berries don’t meet all of these qualifications they are still a popular health food because they can provide many benefits. They act as antioxidants, help with weight loss, and are great for your eyesight.

What are other foods that are considered healthy foods?

The other foods that are considered healthy foods are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.


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