Sun is the main source of solar energy that is free of cost and has helped many business industries to run their business efficiently with the reduced electricity costs. Solar energy has led to many new inventions and have been used successfully over many homes for routine works such as cooking, bathing, charging electrical equipment and many more.  Solar energy is basically the result when sun rays fall on solar cells, it creates a nuclear reaction and thus, it gets converted into electricity which is widely used as solar energy in wide ranges of commercial spaces such as Amrut Pumps.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy:

Everything has two sides that are positive and negative in the same way, solar energy also has some negative points. 


  1. Solar energy Reduces electricity costs.
  2. Solar energy is eco-friendly hence reduces carbon footprints.
  3. Free and renewable source of energy.
  4. Easily available and easily maintained. 
  5. Used in large number of industries 


  1. Solar energy depends on weather. So, it won’t be useful in cloudy and moist weather. 
  2. Solar energy is freely available but it costs installation charge.
  3. Solar storage is expensive.
  4. Solar energy consumes a lot of space

Is a solar plant a good investment?

Yes, it’s actually a good investment but it should be done wisely because there are various things to be kept in mind while starting a solar company such as finding a location with enough sunlight, buying solar panels and cells and its installations.  It is also kind of risky business but once it starts running successfully, there is no going back as solar energy is available freely and widely used in almost every house and commercial industries.  It is usually $1 per watt thus 1 megawatt solar farm will be costing around 1 million for all setup, installation and other government formalities.

Is solar energy really worth it?

Yes solar energy is totally worth it as the sun is never ending renewable source, its forever. So, despite cloudy and moist weather, solar energy works well in all sectors of industries.  Many big machines rely on solar panels for their work such as thermal machines and many more.

 Some interesting facts about solar:

  1. Solar costs have fallen up to 99% since 1977.
  2. Solar is cheaper than fossil fuels.
  3. Solar plants last for more than 40 years.
  4. China tops in solar power system.
  5. 39% of electricity production installed in 2016 was solar.
  6. Solar is the fastest energy you can deploy.
  7. There is solar in every small thing near you.

Bottom line: 

Hope you enjoyed reading 7 interesting facts and gain some unique knowledge. If you are looking to start a solar plan, it’s not a bad idea as it’s the evergreen renewable energy which will never end, take proper guidance from solar start-up companies such as Amrut Solar Pumps which has been successfully running.