Starting the process of building your own custom home can be exciting and stressful at the same time. There are many details to consider, and you’ll find yourself making decisions about colors, flooring, fixtures, finishes, appliances, and the list goes on! While Builders Adelaide has his or her own pet peeves, there are also some myths out there that turn out to be true in only rare circumstances. Here are four common myths about building a custom home—and the truth behind them.

1) Building my own home will be cheaper.

Most people believe that building their own home will save them money—but it’s not always true. It all depends on your existing situation. For example, if you live in an area where homes are already expensive, building your own home won’t necessarily be less expensive than buying an existing one. Then again, some areas are so cheap to build in that doing so is often cheaper than buying an existing property—especially after including potential land appreciation and tax savings. In short, it’s wise to talk with builders about what you expect from a new home and how much those expectations will cost before assuming the building is right for you.

2) Building my own home will be faster.

According to builders, building your own home is not any faster than buying an existing one. Although DIY homeowners may be able to save on closing costs and insurance, they will lose time waiting for permits, hiring contractors and subcontractors, etc. Before you start plowing through walls or designing your own kitchen cabinets from scratch, it’s best to talk with Builders Adelaide and real estate agents who know what they’re talking about. It can take months to plan and build a custom home—the same amount of time it would take to buy one!—but you won’t spend all that extra money on materials if you go through an experienced builder.

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3) I don’t need a designer to do it right.

Lots of homeowners think that because they designed their own home, it’s not as necessary to hire an architect. However, just because you have an idea doesn’t mean you can design something functional and visually appealing. Adelaide Builders is trained to work with all sorts of designs and floor plans and can make smart suggestions about how to improve on your initial concept. It’s like doing a DIY home project without safety glasses—it might look good on paper, but it could end up leaving you blind in one eye if something goes wrong. Working with an architect can help prevent that sort of disaster.

4) I can pull it off on my own.

While it’s great to have an idea and a dream about what you want, your reality is that if you try to do it all yourself, you’ll end up over-extending yourself financially and physically. Your goal is to build your home, not destroy yourself trying. Unless you have significant construction experience and/or can afford substantial upfront costs with no guarantee of results, putting your house in someone else’s hands is going to be better for both your wallet and your sanity.

Adelaide Builders or architect who understands what you are looking for will know how much time, money, and headaches it will take to deliver that vision, and they’ll likely be able to help bring all those elements into balance, so you get something beautiful without going overboard.