If you’re a tea lover, you’re probably aware of the differences between loose leaf tea nz and tea bags. While both options provide a delicious cup of tea, loose leaf teas offer more flavour and health benefits. The best way to enjoy your favourite brews is to buy them online. Here are five reasons why you should choose loose leaf tea and buy it online.

Unrivalled Flavour

Online Loose leaf tea nz provide a depth of flavour that bagged varieties can’t match. With large leaves containing more essential oils than chopped leaves found in bags, the flavour is much more intense and robust. Additionally, because there is less contact between the water and the leaves with loose leaf tea, the flavours continue to develop throughout your entire cup instead of quickly fading away as they do in bagged varieties.

More Health Benefits

Since most nutrients are found within the essential oils released by whole tea leaves, it stands to reason that those same oils are not released when they are chopped into tiny pieces for use in a bagged blend. That’s why many health-conscious drinkers prefer loose leaf teas over their bagged counterparts as they pack more nutritional punch per cup!

Access to Rare Varieties

When shopping for buy tea online nz, you gain access to rare finds from around the world that may not be available at your local store or cafe. You can also find unique blends created by expert blenders who craft specialty mixes that can only be purchased online or at artisanal shops near you. Plus, you have access to exclusive rewards programs like loyalty points or discounts on subscriptions which make ordering your favourite teas even sweeter!

Online Loose leaf tea

Easier Brewing

Bagged teas often require an extra step when brewing since some might contain ingredients such as herbs or spices that need extra time to steep before being consumed. With loose leaf varieties, however, all you have to do is measure out what you need for one cup then steep it in hot water for 3-5 minutes until it reaches your desired strength! This makes creating perfect cups of tea easier than ever before!

Cost Savings

Buying high-quality loose leaf tea nz online can save you money compared to buying pre-bagged varieties from stores or cafes since these often come in bulk sizes which last longer than single-use bags—and they typically cost less too! Plus, most online retailers offer discounts on large orders so if you’re someone who drinks multiple cups of tea each day then ordering in bulk could save even more money over time!


Whether you’re new to drinking tea or already consider yourself an aficionado, choosing quality loose leaf teas and buying them online can enhance your experience significantly! Not only will you gain access to rare blends and save money but also benefit from deeper flavours with added health benefits—all without having to leave home! So why wait? Get out there (or stay inside!) and start exploring all the amazing varieties available today!