Family mediation enables you to have the face to face discussions with your partner, facilitated by a trained, impartial mediator most often are the Family Lawyer Melbourne who helps you and your partner make constructive and confidential decisions for the collective future of you and your children. 

An experienced mediator provided by a reliable Family Law Firm Melbourne can help everyone involved move on with their lives sooner as it provides you with the peace of mind of making the best decisions for your family.

Here are some of the reasons that you must opt for family mediation for dispute resolution over any other means.

  • Confidentiality Assured

What happens in the mediation room stays in the mediation room!

You would be relieved to find that it cannot be used against you in future court proceedings if litigation is required. The court processes are completely open to the public. People can see your family’s court documents, sit in on trials and court applications, and even read the judge’s ruling. We are all aware of how ugly it can get for your family in court proceedings. 

  • Save Cost

Mediation is cost-effective, especially when we are all aware of how financially draining the court proceedings can be. On the other hand, you’ll split the mediator’s fee and only have to pay a lawyer for independent legal advice before signing the mediated agreement. Even if you want to have lawyers present during mediation.

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  • Quicker Process

Court proceedings take a long time to resolve a dispute in the Family. Working with court schedules and dealing with case overflow and not forgetting the backlog caused by the Coronavirus can be a long and frustrating procedure. Couples who are already constrained by their circumstances may find that a lengthy process is emotionally, physically and financially draining.

Family mediation takes occur in your own space, allowing you to explore proposals and agree on the best arrangements while resolving disagreements faster. The cost savings can be substantial as well as the process would not be lengthy.

  • Better Communication 

The purpose of a mediator is to foster communication between the parties and to stimulate recommendations for a solution. When parties reach a conclusion together in mediation, they are more likely to be satisfied with it and stick to it. Mediation aims to improve communication and foster a long-term co-parenting partnership. This is especially crucial for parents who intend to establish a relationship with their children for the rest of their lives.

  • Flexibility

The mediator will encourage the parties to determine the agenda for mediation and affirm what they wish to discuss. You can discuss issues that are essential to your family and that might otherwise be irrelevant in a court proceeding.

Sessions can be scheduled at a time and location that is convenient for both you and the mediator send by the Family Law Firm Melbourne. You decide how long between sessions should last and how fast they should go. You won’t have to wait months for the next session, as in a court case, and you can both make sure you have enough time to gather financial disclosure and consider the proposals offered.