Before drilling into the Power BI Consulting, it’s necessary to know the term power BI. Well, it is nothing but a powerful, budget-friendly, and cloud-based analytical and business intelligence tool that is used to collect and analyse information.   

Most of the Sharepoint Consulting Companies use the power BI tool to get a reliable view of a business with reports and data visuals on the mobile device.

The core purpose of Power BI is that businesses can access their data from anywhere, all at a single place. With such robust business information in the form of reports and visuals, businesses can make confident strategies for an effective result.

Power BI will collect the information from various resources if you are storing the records in excel sheets.

The collection of data will help businesses to consider the business patterns, plan the next move, analyse the scenario, and reach a conclusion to share a purposeful insight with anyone associated with the organization.

Businesses require effective analytics power to get enough of the past records. What worked in the past or what was proven as a harmful strategy for a business?

Answers to these all questions can be easily evaluated with power BI software or tool.

Advantages of Power BI

  • It can help you make powerful and result-driven business decisions through operating a single dashboard.
  • Through Power BI, you can get the data sources to evaluate and share insights maintaining security and data consistency.
  • With the help of collected data, it will help your employees to collaborate on any report and share analytical reports to take the next business step.
  • Make use of artificial intelligence to find answers to their questions in an easy and effective manner.
  • Arrange an outstanding data experience with full-fledged reports that hold everything about your brand and experience.


Power BI includes a collection of apps, services, and software to collect data from different sources and convert it into actionable insights.

The four pillars of Power BI

  1.   Data model

The data model is the main pillar of Power BI and it brings out benefits from various table design with relationships with a purpose to reduce file size and improve performance. It also includes calculation such as data analysis expression or DAX.

  1.   Power BI Desktop

Power BI includes around 36 in-built visuals and it has enough marketplace of visuals. Such reports are designed to be enough interactive and customizable. There are ways to create stories for the reports.

  1.   Power BI service

The Power BI service is nothing but an online platform that includes the report within the time. These reports can be easily accessed from anywhere and with any device with the app store. The published reports have automatic data refreshes, and the final report includes information regarding the business.

  1.   Power query

Power Query is a tool that allows you to use the data flexibly. You can clean, transform, and shape the data in the way that you require. It will help in extracting the data and transform the same into useful information for your business.


Ending up,

Start approaching the Power BI Consulting Company that can help your business to grow faster than earlier.