We’re all adults here, so we know that the best gifts are not always the most expensive ones. But when you’re shopping for Best Presents For New Mums, there’s no need to necessarily go all-out with extravagant presents. In fact, there are plenty of cheap and easy ways to show your love—and help kick off those first few days at home with some much-needed help!

A spa treatment

A spa treatment is a great way to relax after the hard work of caring for your newborn. You can get manicures and pedicures, massages, facials, or even a mani-pedi. If you’re lucky enough to live near a fancy hotel that offers these services, you might want to consider treating yourself to one while your baby naps so that she doesn’t have to hear you scream when someone accidentally rips off too much skin from your cuticles with their metal file.


Chocolate is a great gift for new mums. Chocolate is a treat and it’s something that will make you feel better about yourself and your life. The chocolate won’t magically solve all of your problems, but it may help you relax and feel better if things are tough. If you have time to give some thought to gifts for new mums, then chocolate can be a great choice!

Best Presents For New Mums

A new baby carrier

A baby carrier is a great gift for any new mum. It’s practical, useful and can be used by parents to carry their children for many years. It’s also versatile, as it can be used with multiple children over time.

They’re handy for situations where you need your hands free when carrying around a child, such as going shopping or walking through the park. It’s also much safer than carrying them in your arms or leaving them downstairs in their buggy while you do other things upstairs—especially if they’re still getting used to walking themselves!

Baby clothes

Baby clothes are always a good idea for new mums. When you’re pregnant, you go through the usual process of registering for gifts and filling out the online baby registries. The one thing that’s different about your pregnancy is that you’re often buying things for yourself and not others.

A cleaning service

A cleaning service will help you get your house back in order, and that’s important when you’ve had a baby. You can schedule a cleaning service to come by anytime you want, even if it’s just for an hour or two. The service is flexible depending on your needs and preferences, so you can choose one that works for your lifestyle.

If you have a lot of rooms (or if there are other people living with you), then consider getting multiple services per week instead of just one. This way everyone has access to their own bathroom and kitchen at all times!

Tickets to a show or movie

Tickets to a show or movie are always a good choice. You can get them at the theater, or on the web. If you’re giving them as a gift, you can even buy them in advance so they haven’t been used when the baby arrives! Some ideas:

  • A gift certificate to your local cinema
  • Tickets to an event at your local theater (if there is one)
  • A gift certificate for dinner at a restaurant that seats large families well (like TGI Fridays)
  • Vouchers for pedicures/manicures
  • Gift certificates for massages and facials

When choosing this type of present, it helps if you know what your friend likes! You don’t want someone who enjoys action movies getting tickets to see “The Nutcracker” ballet with their newborn in tow…


There’s no better time to show your appreciation than when someone is welcoming a new baby. With the help of these ideas, you should be able to find Best Presents For New Mums that fits your budget, the mom-to-be’s tastes and needs, and your own schedule.