The is always a point in your rental where you have to deal with your landlord and give them notice of when you’re moving out. There’s nothing worse than complicated forms, having to go back and forth for various reasons, and all the extra stress that comes with the End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne. When renting a property with shared amenities, you have the privilege of adding value to your community. For example, you might be able to plant colourful flowers or string lighting along your path – and these additions will encourage people to stay longer, allowing you to bring in more guests! And remember to ask if your landlord would rather receive payments by cheque or sub-lease?

Prepare For the End of Your Tenancy

Tenants around the world, are required by law to vacate their rentals once their lease is up. It’s not always easy for tenants to find someone willing to take over and tenants aren’t legally allowed to live in the rental property after their agreement is over. Before that final day comes, they should prepare their homes – including sweeping, mopping, doing leftover dishes, washing linen and packing any items that need a caretaker. Landlords are required by law to leave the property spotless so there is no cost or hassle. If anything has gone wrong during the tenancy – from broken returning appliances to unregistered pets – the tenant can document it in advance so cleaning charges can be translated into credit when their time of departure arrives. Finally, before moving out of the last place – even for good – tenants should set up forwarding addresses or service addresses for utility bills and other missing correspondence sent by landlords or providers like rental insurance (if related) and rates increases alerts.

End of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne

End of lease cleaning is a tricky process no matter how you try it. It’s not always easy to find a good company, schedule your cleaners and pay them on time.

Ensure you get a great tenant at the end of your tenancy

When renting out a property, there are multiple things to keep in mind. First, make sure the property is well looked after. If you do not want your tenancy to be tarnished by a noisy tenant or unsightly elements, it’s in your best interest to attend to any damage before they arrive. In addition, you should check the colours which may clash with your next renter’s interior design choices and ensure that anything of value is removed from the premises before they move in. Finally, make sure you fully terminate the tenancy of any last-minute tenants who may be residing at the property when it goes back on the market (i.e.: an agent took for granted that house inspection required no extra work).


Most people try to do an End Of Lease Cleaning Melbourne job before leaving their apartment. Some of them are trying to cover every single detail in their moving out the checklist as a way of saying goodbye. However, this usually takes hours and at the end of the process, there is still more work to be done.