Cape York is one of Australia’s most spectacular destinations, with a coastline so beautiful that it is nearly impossible to leave without coming back with more than your camera. In Cape York, you can experience the rainforest – an ancient life still very present in this untouched land home to many unique species you won’t find anywhere else in the World. 

This article breaks down all the best things to see and experience on tours of cape york! From the sand to the surf, tropical colors and spices of all flavors will entice you in this beautiful destination. 

The Best Things to See in Cape York is hard to compare to anything else in Australia, the people here are beautiful and welcoming and not afraid of a unique tourist like me. I have been fortunate enough to embrace this Wild and Unrefined nature that is abundant within our nation. As a nature lover, everywhere he goes looks for birds, plants, and animals to add new species to his life list.

The Most Interesting Places to Visit in Cape York

Everything you Need to Know about Cape York

  • Cape York is one of the most interesting places on earth and it’s truly difficult to come here without having at least two months of your life dedicated entirely to exploring the natural beauty. Cape York has for centuries been seen as a traditional hunter-gatherer society that survives in the wild and relies heavily on nature. 
  • The vast diversity of all the wildlife, plants, and locations makes this region worth visiting. It is not a place that you can rush through in one vacation. However, if you have sufficient time and inclination to explore Cape York, you surely won’t regret it!
  • Whitsunday Island offers some of the most amazing experiences with great shopping and things to do in Cape York. There are endless things to shop for from unique gifts, beach supplies, hotel cottages, ready-made packages, or just fantastic souvenirs. We’ve started by listing the top things to buy in Cape York.
  • One of the best things to do in Cape York is to travel by air. This means that a person can have a bird’s eye view of the huge landscapes and all the way to the ocean without getting stuck in traffic. It’s an experience that would be extremely frustrating if one had to rely on other forms of transportation. The land, as well as the sea, has plenty of miles left for sightseeing or adventure. 


In conclusion, the top things to see in tours of cape york are actually pretty stunning.  It can be very hard to discover them though because of the sheer size and density of what’s available. The more you travel to Cape York, the easier it is to find some of these spots.