Not only does the Sea-Doo X Supreme have enough power to thrill you, but it also has the speed to get you where you want to go in the blink of an eye. In fact, the Sea-Doo X Supreme can reach speeds up to 48 miles per hour, which allows it to cover more water and feel more like being on land than any other watercraft in its class. Plus, you can store all your extra gear in its under-the-seat storage and lockable glove box. Now that’s a ride you won’t want to miss!


The Sea-Doo XP Platform already offers serious performance, handling and capability. But we didn’t stop there. We added more power and cooling to ensure that no matter how hard you play, you have more than enough motivation to take you deep into your favourite waters. The result is a boat that delivers 90% of its peak engine output under a wide range of operating conditions. It’s proof positive that outboards can still be reliable, powerful and responsive. And it’s exactly what makes your day-in and day-out boating experience so much better.

No Compromise On Luxury

The Seadoo brand was born of passion, innovation and performance. Their Jet Skis combine technology with style, and their quality is second to none. The Sea-Doo® X-SeriesTM Jetski’s innovative design sets a new standard for style, performance and value. Whether you’re taking in stunning lake views or blazing through waves with your friends, you won’t compromise on luxury or performance when riding a Sea-Doo jetski.

Sea Doo

Go, Go, Go (Top Speed)

Fast boats aren’t just fun; they can help you burn calories, too. Some models of Sea Doo personal watercraft have a top speed of over 50 miles per hour, which is enough for some serious calorie burning. The company says that an average rider burns about 300 calories in a half-hour, which means a half-hour ride would burn about 600 calories (and if you keep it up for an hour, you’d be burning 1,200). At that rate, you could work off several pounds of holiday cookies in no time—without putting yourself at risk of eating them all! Of course, calorie counting isn’t everything.

Pure Freedom – With No Boundaries

The good news is that you have plenty of places to buy your Sea-Doo X Supreme. The bad news is that you have plenty of places to buy your Sea-Doo X Supreme. Now, I know what you’re thinking — isn’t it better than bad news? Well, if you look at it one way, it’s like having several suitors fighting over your hand in marriage… but if you look at it another way, maybe they’re just like those people who will sell anything! What I mean by that is that there are a lot of people trying to get your business without a lot of real substance and intention behind them.

Where can you buy a Sea-Doo X Supreme?

Sea-Doo, manufacturers of jet-ski products, recently launched their high-performance Sea-Doo X (and Sea-Doo XP) line. The new Sea-Doo XP and Sea-Doo XS have proven that they can not only run with top-shelf speed boats like Malibu’s VLX and Suncruiser but beat them at top speeds as well. So what if you don’t own a Suncruiser or VLX? Is there another way for you to experience top speeds without breaking your budget? There is!