You know that old saying, “It’s not the season for repairing your furnace?” You might be wondering why this is. The truth is that even though it’s summertime and normally the perfect time to heat your home and save on expenses when you have a running furnace, it can cause problems in other areas of your home as well. Depending on the construction and age of your heating system, you may have to do some repairs before winter officially comes. Even if you live in a colder climate and are used to dealing with sub-freezing temperatures most of the year, there are certain days when the weather changes completely, and you suddenly have to deal with too-cold drafts and blocked vents. It can get frustrating, especially since there are so many things that can go wrong with your furnace during the winter months. These are some of the reasons why you should repair or replace your existing system before winter arrives.

Drain the Drainage Tube.

This may seem like an obvious one, but many people don’t drain their drainage tubes in winter. This causes not only flooding but also a build-up of icy water in your furnace system. If this gets beyond a certain point, your furnace will not be able to function properly. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, always drain your drainage tubes when you’re finished using them and fill them back up when you’re ready to start your heating system again. There are plenty of drain kits that you can purchase to make this easier. Another tip is to clean out your drain every so often. The grime and gunk that builds up inside your furnace can become a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful substances. One of the best things you can do to keep your system operating at its optimum is to clean it out.

Examine the Thermostat Wires.

When your furnace is cold, it’s usually because one or more of the thermostat wires has either frozen or broken. The easiest way to check if this is the case is to use serrated pliers to pinch one end of one of the wires and see if it Breaks. If it does, your problem is pretty much solved. However, if the wire is still intact, examine the other end of the wire carefully. If it has also failed, you have a bigger problem. At this point, you’re going to need to take your furnace apart to search for the problem. Inspect both the heating elements and the wire that controls them. Make sure there are no signs of damage or corrosion. If you notice any problems with the insulation or the connections, have your heating contractor get Furnace Repair Brockton MA service to look into it for you.

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Check that the blower motor is working properly.

This one is pretty straightforward. The blower motor is what causes air to be drawn from the intake grate (the side of your furnace where the combustion process takes place) and pushed out the exhaust grate (the other side). The motor controls several important functions within your furnace, including the amount of air that is drawn in and the speed with which the air is pushed out. It’s important to note that the motor only needs to work a few days out of the week in order for it to function properly. On the other four days, it will just be sitting there collecting dust. To ensure that your motor is in working order, turn it on for a few seconds at a time and see if it moves. If it doesn’t, your motor is probably shot, and you should consider having it replaced. Your furnace motor usually comes with an owner’s manual that you can peruse to find out more information about the motor’s operation.

Check that all household vents are clear.

When your furnace is cold, one of the things that are causing air to be drawn into the house is blocked vents. This is usually caused by a blanket of snow or a dense fog deposit from a cold front. If this blanket of snow or fog persists for too long, the vents will become blocked. If this is the case with your home’s exterior vents as well, you will end up with very low indoor temperature readings and a lot of frustration. To clear out any snow or fog from your vents, remove the covers and empty them into the snow or onto the ground. Blocked vents are also a sign of a faulty blower motor. If your ventilation system is working properly and all the vents are clear, your indoor temperature will remain low, and the performance of your heating system will be very low.

Make sure there are no flammable materials near the furnace.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many people don’t remove the debris from near their furnaces. This not only keeps the air from being drawn into the furnace but also keeps the fire from reaching the heating elements inside. It’s better to be safe than sorry and have a fire hazard near your home. If you see any flammable materials, such as kerosene, gas, oil, or gas liquids, anywhere near your heating system, immediately remove them. If you’re not able to do that, your system will overheat, and you could be in danger. There are plenty of fire safety signs around your house to make sure you don’t make this mistake.


Hiring a Furnace Repair South Shore MA wide service expert who will come to your house, inspect your system, and give you a quote for a job that may or may not need to be done. Some jobs are simple to repair or replace, and some require a professional. Below are some important points to keep in mind when hiring a contractor to repair or replace your system.

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