We’re in the middle of summer vacation season, with many people headed to the beach or mountains for a few days off. This time of year is also perfect for exploring vacation properties, especially if you’ve been considering buying one. Why? Here are three reasons why summer is a great time to look among real estate Marlborough sounds for your own recreational property:

Travelling is down.

You may have noticed that travel is down. It’s true, but there are reasons for the decline that aren’t related to the economy. According to a survey by Consumer Reports, people are travelling less because they want to be closer to home and family in their old age or because they want to save money on flights by staying closer to home.

So what does this mean for you as a potential buyer? Well, if you’re looking at vacation homes and deciding between buying one or continuing your regular vacations, it means one thing: there are fewer potential buyers out there than usual! Plus, with fewer people travelling outside of their normal area of residence (or at all), demand for vacation homes will be lower than usual—making them easier for you to purchase yours without having to bid against other eager buyers from across the country or world.

Lending rates are still low.

Mortgage rates are still very low. If you’re in the market for a mortgage, this is one of the best times to buy. Interest rates are at historic lows, and there are plenty of lenders offering competitive rates with attractive terms. But be careful: not all lenders are created equal, so do your homework before signing on with anyone. Make sure it’s someone you can trust and that you feel comfortable working with. Here’s a guide to help you find the right mortgage lender for your vacation home purchase.

You should be able to secure financing without too much hassle—but that doesn’t mean everything will go perfectly smoothly from start to finish! Anyone who has ever bought real estate Marlborough sounds knows that things can go wrong during every stage of the buying process: from finding the perfect property (which might take longer than expected) all the way through closing (and beyond). The key here is being flexible enough so that if something does go wrong, whether it’s minor or major, if there’s an unexpected delay or expense that suddenly pops up, then don’t panic! Stay calm because even though these things happen sometimes–and often unexpectedly–they won’t ruin any deal, nor will they stop anyone from enjoying their vacation home once they’ve finally closed on it!

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There’s a lot of inventory on the market.

With more people renting than ever, there’s a lot of inventory on the market. Maybe it’s because they’re not sure about buying a home and staying put for a long time, or maybe they just enjoy vacationing in different places all around the world. Whatever the reason may be, you’ll be able to find homes for rent from owners who want to make some extra money by renting out their properties when they’re not using them themselves.

Prices are falling.

You may have heard that the housing market is in a slump. Well, it’s not really a slump—it’s kind of more like a nosedive. In some places, homes are worth less than they were when they were first built! And it’s not just real estate Marlborough sounds; stock prices have also taken a big hit. People are feeling pretty bad about all this, but good news: The economy has been slow since 2008 and hasn’t really recovered at all in the last decade.
This means that prices are down across the board on pretty much everything — including vacation homes! So if you want to buy yourself an escape from reality for under $100k (and who doesn’t?), now is your chance!


The best part about buying a vacation rental during the summer is that you get to enjoy it for the rest of the year! When winter comes around, you’ll be able to relax in your warm home instead of spending thousands on another plane ticket. Plus, just think about how much money you’ll save by not having to pay for a hotel every single time. You’d probably be better off financially if you invested in real estate rather than spending all those nights at hotels or renting condos over vacation periods.