There are numerous issues that we confront on a daily basis. Some are vital, while others are hurtful. Water leaks are one of the issues that causes you pain and inconvenience. It’s difficult to estimate the precise number, but people spend thousands of dollars each year on leak repairs, while we lose our most valuable resource. Detecting a leak is a difficult task because some leaks are undetectable to humans due to their small size, while others are difficult to detect. Consult the experienced Leak detection Melbourne to understand the leak issues in detail!

Cracks in the wall 

If one leak keeps dripping in the same place, it will cause a slight shift in the floor under your home. You may not be able to see the shift, but the overall structure of your home will be. Over the course of hours, this small leak can cause large cracks in the wall. If the leak continues and the cracks grow, the structure of the house will deteriorate. If you see any signs of a leak in your plumbing, contact your plumber immediately. Otherwise, it can lead to dangerous situation in future. 

Check the water meter 

You can also check the water meter to see if there is a leak. If the meter does not have a leak detector, you can use a sweep pointer instead. Mark the position of the sweep pointer, wait 30 minutes, and then check again. As the sweeper moves, water will flow through the meter. 

Make sure the water is off inside and outside the house. As you roam the house, be aware of the sound of flowing water. Also, check the toilet valve, the outer faucet, and the faucet. Contact a professional leak detection service to determine the cause of the leak. Experienced plumbers can use tools that aren’t at home to check for leaks in hard-to-reach or hard-to-see places. 


Leakage of pipes can create an optimal environment for mould to grow on the walls. Mould often grows on the walls without a shower and thrives in the dark of your home. Look for mould stains on the walls. 

Dirt and damage 

Majority of homeowners suffers from flood damage due to leakage. Leakage of pipes can affect the walls, ceiling, or floor of a house. Check for slack, dirt, warpage, or blisters. Leaks in hidden pipes can cause these problems. When moisture is trapped in the wall, mould stains are also formed. Mould does more than just give off an unpleasant odour throughout the house. It can also be toxic to pets, children, and people with weakened immunity.

Loose fittings 

Wall pipes are usually the first cause of pipe leaks. However, these are not the only types of leaks that can be dealt with. In some cases, the seals on the floor around the bathtub or toilet may loosen over time. Moisture and water can drip from these fittings. When the water reaches the bottom, it can sink or sag.

As prevention is always better than cure, it’s crucial to give proper attention to the leakage and water damage signs, also have a habit of regular consultation with the Leak Detection Ferntree Gully to keep the infrastructure up to date.