Decks are great ways to add value to your home and make it more enjoyable. Decking is also a popular choice for many outdoor projects, as it creates a comfortable space that can be used all year round. However, choosing the right type of decking for your needs can be tricky. In this post we’ll explore the benefits of each different type of decking material so that you can make an informed decision about which one is best for you!

Timber decking

Timber Decking Perth is made from real wood and can be an excellent choice if you want a natural look, with all of the benefits that come with it.

Timber is a durable material that won’t need any maintenance, so you won’t have to worry about replacing it or sanding it down on a regular basis. It’s also comfortable to walk on, which makes it ideal for high-traffic areas such as family rooms or kitchens.

However, timber decking does tend to be more expensive than composite materials – and if you choose untreated or unfinished timber then you’ll need to stain or treat your deck regularly (every year) in order to protect against rot/mildew growth as well as UV damage from sunlight exposure (which can fade the colour). If this isn’t something that suits your needs then there are plenty of other options available too!

How to make the right choice for decking

WPC or Composite decking

If you’re looking to install a deck, you may be wondering if composite or timber is the right option for you. Let’s take a look at what each one offers and why they differ.

Composite decking is made from recycled materials such as plastic, bamboo and other plant fibres. Because of this, it’s a more environmentally-friendly choice than timber – although generally more expensive. Composite decks have many benefits including being lighter than timber decks which makes them easier to transport and install without needing machinery like forklifts or cranes; they’re also less susceptible to rot or insect damage than wood can be over time too – with proper maintenance your composite deck could last up to 25 years!

On average composite decking costs about $40/sqm (excluding installation) which is significantly more expensive than its wooden counterpart but there are also plenty of cheaper options available so no matter how much money you want spend there’ll always be something suitable for your needs

Aluminium decking

Aluminum decking is a lightweight and durable alternative to wood. It doesn’t splinter, rot or need to be painted or treated. It can also be recycled and used in any environment.

Aluminum decking is a great choice for an outdoor living space that needs to withstand extreme weather conditions; it will not rot or warp like other materials such as cedar, pine and teak do when they are exposed to the elements for long periods of time since aluminum does not absorb water like these woods do. Aluminum is also one of the most recyclable metals available today so you can feel good about choosing this material for your outdoor space!

Composite decking is a great choice because it’s durable, low maintenance and made from recycled materials. It also has the added benefit of being very environmentally friendly.

On the other hand timber decks are more expensive to install and require more maintenance than composite options. However, if you have a large budget for your decking and want something that will last for many years then timber might be right for you.

Decking Perth is a great investment. It gives you the opportunity to enjoy your outdoor space, even in winter. But it can be difficult to choose the right material for your needs.