Have you just bought your dream home with your own private timber deck? If so, great! It’s important to take safety seriously, though, and ensure that your deck doesn’t become an accident waiting to happen. Here are five checks you need to perform on your decking Perth property to keep it safe and secure as well as stunningly beautiful!

Check your deck surface

One of your first checks should be to look at the surface of your deck. If it’s made of wood, does it appear in good condition? Is it splintering or rotting in places? Does a screw or nail stick out awkwardly or come loose as you run your hand over it? If so, you’ll need a professional with expertise in maintaining decks—or even constructing new ones—to examine what’s going on.

Inspect your handrails

The most obvious safety checks you can perform are visual. It’s best if you actually sit or lie down on your deck and get a bird’s-eye view of it, looking at things from a different perspective. If there are any loose boards or protruding nails, they’ll be much easier to spot when you’re looking at them from above. Also, check your handrails; if they have screws that look like they might work themselves out over time (and as you apply pressure), then it’s probably time for a replacement.

Examine your framing details

While inspecting your decking Perth wide, be sure to examine your framing details as well. Also, you should check that any joists are cut with precise angles and that they aren’t cracked or broken. Take a look at decking nails, as well: inspect them for cracks and wear marks. If you notice problems with either of these features of your timber deck, contact a professional immediately. She can suggest ways you can repair these issues on your own, or she may recommend replacement instead. Regardless of what she suggests, make sure it gets done quickly—while wood is still in good condition for use is important for safety reasons. If a piece becomes weak or breaks suddenly, it could end up causing serious damage if someone is standing nearby!

Decking Perth

Look out for rot, especially around the posts

Timber decks typically have posts that run along the perimeter of your deck, creating a framework around which you can build a wide variety of decking and railings. Unfortunately, these posts are also areas where rot often starts, especially when they’re not protected with an annual sealing. If you can see rot around a post, it’s likely there’s more that’s hidden from view—that wood needs to be removed before it spreads throughout your deck. Inspect at least every couple of months for any signs of damage; otherwise, you risk falling through rotted boards and hurting yourself in no time. If you do notice any rotting or warping, call in professional help right away—you don’t want to take chances with safety. Decking Perth!

Timber Coating

When you build a deck or fence with wood, it is susceptible to weather and can be damaged by UV rays that break down fibers in wood. These UV rays can turn your timber into a brittle source of splinters, even causing rot and other damage that could lead to accidents around your property. By investing in a high-quality timber preservative treatment like Melaleuca Hardwood Stain & Preservative, you can ensure your deck lasts longer and stands up better against water damage and inclement weather. The product is manufactured without any VOCs (volatile organic compounds), making it safe for people and pets.