It is all too easy for bathrooms to get neglected in favour of our kids’ bedrooms, but this doesn’t mean we should ignore our shower screens! Here’s a guide to Frameless shower screen Melbourne; if you haven’t heard of them before, let’s get one step ahead, and both prepare yourself for the critical task of having the perfect bathroom.

Benefits of frameless shower screens

Filmy shower screens are becoming more and more popular because they offer many benefits. Frameless shower screens have an attractive modern look, and it’s straightforward to clean without damaging the paint. Most framed showers will constantly trap humidity and other water particles, causing mould that can ruin the tiles and walls behind the screen. Thanks to sleek rounded edges, some frameless showers also offer a better grip on them.

Shower Screens

Shower windows have come a long way from just being screens covering the bottom half of the window. Frameless shower screens are available to prevent water from splashing out and on floors, furniture, clothing, and sheets. They offer better coverage for people with small children. More recently, more modern shower screens have gone through a redesign with larger than life-size glass panels, which allow people to step in between the screen and tub and still provide full coverage.

Frameless shower screen Melbourne

Key Barriers to the Adoption of Frameless Ceiling Showers

Many people like showering without breaking up their ceilings to make room for frames, which can be costly and strain the structure. While frameless showers are beneficial because they take up less space and don’t rust, those key barriers make it difficult for people to adopt them despite how well they know how effective they are at preventing mould and mildew.

Suggestions for overcoming these barriers

A frameless shower screen has a lot of benefits. They do not support mould, mildew or biofilm growth, and they can be larger than framed screens, making it possible to move the curtain while still having complete visibility of the bathroom. To overcome these advantages, you have to get creative with your showerhead placement.

Summary and recommendation

There are three types of frameless shower screens. The first type can be bent for a custom fit around corners, walls, or other obstructions. The second type has wireless capability, so you can use your phone as a remote control for your shower screen to start/stop water flow (door closure) when you want it to. A third type extends beyond the tub edge with its sidewall preventing leaks when turned off. 

Shower screens are made without the usual frame that you would find in a regular shower. They may have an edge, but it is hidden from the user’s view and function to keep water from leaking outside the tub. The Frameless shower screen Melbourne often includes mounting brackets, posts, and a silicone strip preventing leaks. Thus frameless shower screen is worth buying!